Official Competition Sectors

1st World Ladies Fly Fishing Championship (WLFFC 2020)

26th European Fly Fishing Championship (EFFC 2020)

All official competition sectors/ areas are forbidden to fish prior to 60 days of the championships.

Teams, competitors or their agents in 1st WLFCC and 26th EFFC can not fish in any of the official competition sectors for both championships.

Sector I – Atna River (1st WLFFC)

Sector II – Glomma River Upper (1st WLFFC)

Sector III – Glomma River Lower (1st WLFFC)

Sector IV – Åkrestrømmen (Northern Rena River (1st WLFFC)

Sector V – Storsjøen lake (Northern Rena River (1st WLFFC + 26th EFFC)